14mm-bead Exotic Scented Oud Bracelet

14mm-bead Exotic Scented Oud Bracelet
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Product Description

Genuine oud wood bracelet (also known as agarwood, aloeswood, or gaharu in Indonesian) with mild scented 14mm-beads on 2mm elastic cord. Handcrafted from high-quality aromatic Indonesian oud wood. Beads are carefully lathed to a perfectly round shape. Fits wrists from7.5 to 8-inches in size. Each bracelet has 13-14 beads and comes in silver foil gift boxes when purchased retail. The photo depicts the model of the bracelet but each will bracelet will differ slightly as they are made from natural wood.

Note: We guarantee these to be made from genuine aloeswood. When crafting the beads from the scent naturally comes out because they are heated somewhat by the machinery. You will smell this subtle oud scent when you receive it but you should expect sent may dissipate after a while as a result of the effect that the air has on them. Putting them in the sun or in a sealed bag will draw the scent out again.
Item Code: TSB-14UD1

Extra-large 14mm agarwood unisex bracelet
Fits wrists from7.5 to 8-inches in size
Aromatic oud wood from Indonesia
Strong on durable 2-mm elastic cord
Comes in a gift box with single purchases

Note: the aromatic scent may naturally dissipate with time depending on the effects the air or environment may have on it.

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