Extra-small Tasbih 33-Bead Black Yellow Monomer Tasbih

Extra-small Tasbih 33-Bead Black Yellow Monomer Tasbih
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Simple handcrafted black tasbih (prayer beads) with dividers and a 1-1/4 inch alif/imam. It is made from a high quality monomer material produced in Japan. These large prayer beads are smooth to the touch and enjoyable to use. Thi s6x7.5-mm bead tasbih has a 10-inch inside diameter so it will NOT fit over the head. Full outside linear measurement is 7.5" from end to end. Comes in flat cotton-filled gift box. Limited edition!

- Beautiful Large 6x7.5mm Tasbih Prayer Beads
- Made from Monomer, a high quality plastic like material
- Materials produced in Japan and crafted in Turkey
- 33 vertical oval beads with dividers between each 11 beads
- Has a 1-1/4 inch alif/iman, made with sturdy string.
Item Code: TSL-3J6Y1

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