Tamarind Wood Tijani Tariqah Prayer Beads Brown Tassels

Tamarind Wood Tijani Tariqah Prayer Beads Brown Tassels
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Product Description

Beautiful 102-bead Tijani tasbih. Handcrafted using 8mm beads. A dark brown tasbih is made from the core of the Indonesian tamarind tree. It has 2 matching dark brown beautiful tassels. This 8mm-bead tasbih is made with a special order for the Tijani tariqah. It is divided into 12, 22, 34, 22 and 12. Comes in a gift box for US and Canada customers. Note: The tasbih in the photo depicts the model of the tasbih but each tasbih will be slightly different as they are handcrafted from a natural material. Note: We guarantee these to be made from genuine Indonesian Tamarind wood. Wood color may vary slightly.

Features a 10-bead and a spacer
2 fancy copper decorated tassels
Shiny 6-mm round beads with 2 dividers
Made from the dense core of the tamarind fruit tree
Dark brown shiny beads
Item Code: TST-TJ8N1

Note: Due to being handcrafted, our tasbihs may vary slightly in design and natural colorations may occur with each item.

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