Glass Jawshan Cevsen Vial Enclosed Pendant

Glass Jawshan Cevsen Vial Enclosed Pendant
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Product Description

This is a beautiful antique-finished sterling silver talisman or taviz locket pendant. The well-known "Jawshan Kabir" dua is sealed in a glass vial then covered with sterling silver. It measures 1 1/4-inch (3.2 cm) tall and is 5/16inch (.8 cm) thick. The words Jawshan Kabir is written on the outside in the front and back. This pendant cannot be opened. Comes in a small gift box. Chains sold separately.

What is Jawshan Kabir?

Jawshan Kabeer (Arabic: جوشن الكبیر‎) is a long Islamic prayer that contains 1000 names and attributes of God. Jawshan means "steel plate" or "mail" and thus the name of the prayer refers to Muhammad's heavy armor in battle.

* Beautiful filigree Islamic protection dua pendant
* Jawshan Kabir inscribed in Arabic on both sides
* Unique rare design with glass enclosed in sterling silver
* Beautiful antique-style finish
* Can be worn by men or women

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"Chains sold separately."