Plain Islamic Double-Edged Sword Pendant

Plain Islamic Double-Edged Sword Pendant
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Medium "Dhul-Fiqar" double edged sword. Size: 1 3/4 x 1/2-inch. Is a solid cast design (NOT hollow backed). Details: Dhul-fiqar (Zolfiqar) is the name of the sword Imam Ali (AS) used to fight the enemies of Islam in battles. It was crafted in a special and different way than other swords that it had two blades and points (tongues) at the ends. This pendant has a textured flat back which is not the same as the front. Comes in a small gift box. Chains sold separately.

Unique Excellent Quality Sword Pendant.
Fits most regular size chains, all sterling silver.
Solid cast crafted NOT hollow, made in Turkey.
Shiny silver Dhul-fiqar, excellent quality.
Stamped with 925 for sterling silver.
Item Code: SWP-SMPL1

"Chains sold separately."