Silver Muhammad Rasulullah & Quran Verse "wa in yakaadu" Pendant

Silver Muhammad Rasulullah & Quran Verse "wa in yakaadu" Pendant
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Small antique-style oxidized pendant with "Muhammad Rasulullah" on one side and "wa in yakaadu" on the other side. This small pendant measures: 5/8-inch round, a bit larger than the US dime coin. 100% Sterling silver. Fast shipping! Comes in silver foil gift box. Chain not included with this listing. On one side of the pendant are 2 ayats (verses) of Suratul-Qalam - Chapter of the Pen. The translation reads: And those who disbelieve would almost smite you with their eyes when they hear the reminder and they say "most surely he is mad", and it is naught but a reminder to all the worlds. (Surah 68, ayat 51&52). This is believed by some to be protection from the evil eye or "nazar". Allah knows best. Chains sold separately.

Extra Small Islamic Quranic Pendant
Fits on chains up to 3mm thick
Antique style brush finish on both sides.
Measuring .7-inch round (1.8 cm)
Stamped with 925 for sterling silver
Item Code: WKP-XSMH1

"Chains sold separately."