Maroon Rigid Chechen-style Velvet Kufi Hat

Maroon Rigid Chechen-style Velvet Kufi Hat
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Product Description

A handcrafted and well sewn rich Maroon velvet kufi hat as worn in Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and Chechnya. This kufi is Stitched to perfection on sides and top of the hat. A non-fold-able rigid kufi that is perfect with formal or everyday Muslim attire. The height of this kufi hat is about 3-inches (7.6 cm) on the sides and total height of 3.5 inches (8.9 mm) to the top. It has a 3mm thickness. Please check your size carefully.

- Beautiful shiny velvet kufi, soft to the touch
- Rigid Islamic kufi stands about 3.5 -inches tall
- Detailed decorative stitching on sides and top
- Chechen & Turkish Style Rigid Kufi Hat
- Known as a “takke” in Turkey and “topi” in Pakistan

Size Chart:
S = 22 inch (56 cm)
M = 22-1/2 inch (57.2 cm)
L = 23 inch (58.5 cm)
XL = 23-1/2 inch (59.8 cm)
XXL = 24 inch (61 cm)

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