Marble Green 10mm Tasbih Black Allah Muhammad

Marble Green 10mm Tasbih Black Allah Muhammad
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Product Description

This large plastic tasbih has Allah and Muhammad engraved on each bead and the alif has "La ilaha illallah" on one side and "Muhammad Rasulullah" on the other side written with metallic black color. They are 10 x 8 mm beads and has a 30" diameter so it will fit over the head. Comes in a small 2x8-inch gift box.

Large blue engraved Allah Muhammad Muslim tasbih
10 x 8 mm beads, 30-inch diameter w/ adjustable tension
Alif says La ilaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah
Comes in a gift box - excellent gift idea!
1 3/8-inch long Alif/Imam Bead.

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