Green Rigid Chechen-style Velvet Kufi Hat

Green Rigid Chechen-style Velvet Kufi Hat
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Product Description

A handcrafted and well sewn rich Green Rigid velvet kufi hat as worn in Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and Chechnya. This kufi is Stitched to perfection on sides and top of the hat. A non-fold-able rigid kufi that is perfect with formal or everyday Muslim attire. The height of this kufi hat is about 3-inches (7.6 cm) on the sides and total height of 3.5 inches (8.9 mm) to the top. It has a 3mm thickness. Please check your size carefully.

- Beautiful shiny velvet kufi, soft to the touch
- Rigid Islamic kufi stands about 3.5 -inches tall
- Detailed decorative stitching on sides and top
- Chechen & Turkish Style Rigid Kufi Hat
- Known as a “takke” in Turkey and “topi” in Pakistan

Size Chart:
S = 22 inch (56 cm)
M = 22-1/2 inch (57.2 cm)
L = 23 inch (58.5 cm)
XL = 23-1/2 inch (59.8 cm)
XXL = 24 inch (61 cm)

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