Frankincense Pearls Resin Gum Incense for Incense

Frankincense Pearls Resin Gum Incense for Incense
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Our 100% natural frankincense comes in small zip-lock bag and goes a long way. Frankincense is crystallized resin from the Boswellia plant. They are naturally shaped in various sizes pieces. The burning of frankincense as incense goes back to the biblical days. This resin/gum is usually burned on small pieces (aka pearls) on charcoal briquettes/discs or in electric incense burners. Frankincense is also known to have many medicinal properties and among other things is burned for prayer, relieving stress and increasing positive energy. It is also considered an antidepressant. Just a few small pieces will suffice in scenting your entire house, place of meditation or worship. We do not recommend this as an edible product. It is also known as luban, loban, and kemenyan in some countries. We offer 20-, 50- and 100-gram bags.

Frankincense Pearls for Incense Burning and Healing
Available in 20, 50 and 100 gram Small Zip-close Bags
Perfect for burning on Charcoal, with Electric Burners
This Product Does Not Expire, is Not Edible. Burn carefully.
100% Natural Product from Yemen and Middle East