Beautiful White Coffee Wood Tasbih

Beautiful White Coffee Wood Tasbih
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Product Description

Tasbih made with 10 x 12mm off-white coffee wood beads. Has a beautiful alif/imam and a black persian style copper wire-decorated tassel. This 99-bead tasbih is made by Muslims in Indonesia. Coffee wood is rather light as apposed to a dense tamarind or iron wood. It is a very comfortable tasbih and comes in a gift box for US customers. Get them while our limited supply lasts.

Beautiful off-white wood from the coffee tree
Unique 4-inch tassel decorated with thin copper wire
Construced on durable woven string
Adjustable tension - handcarved alif/imam
10-bead counter for extensive repetitions

Note: Due to being handcrafted, our tasbihs may vary slightly in design and natural colorations may occur with each item.

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